5 Small Minecraft Servers You Have to Try by akirby80

Our friend akirby80 has just released a video of his favorite small Minecraft servers! You should definitely check this video out if you’re looking for a smaller Minecraft server community to join.

akirby80’s Favorite Small Minecraft Servers

1. Maestrea

Server IP: play.maestrea.com
Website: Maestrea.com

2. Minecrown

Server IP: play.minecrownmc.com
Website: Minecrownmc.com

3. Vulengate

Server IP: play.vulengate.com
Website: Vulengate.com

4. Trovical

Server IP: mc.trovical.com
Website: Trovical.com

5. OPBlocks

Server IP: play.opblocks.com
Website: OPBlocks.com

Let us know in the comments if you try out any of these 1.12.2 Minecraft servers!