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Finding the right game server provider and then setting up a game server isn’t exactly the easiest process. Even worse is the fact that to find guides you have scrounge many sites and forums to find one that works, is compatible with your version, etc.

Our goal is to simplify game server hosting, from buying the best game server to customizing it with mods, as a collaborative effort with the community.

We thrive on feedback – all of our guides have feedback forms and a rating system to help expedite the process of finding and removing errors. If the community sends us any feedback on an article, we’ll actually review it and make adjustments. This way, we can work together to provide the best game server guides.

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We have built the largest database of game server providers where you can search through companies based on things such as what games they host, where they provide hosting, and their legal business status. Game server reviews are also available for each company so you can see what others think about them to help you make the right choice.

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