You will be successful with this guySetting up a game server isn’t exactly the easiest process. Even worse is the fact that to find guides you have scrounge many sites and forums to find one that works, is compatible with your version, etc. Here at GameServer.io we aim to make that easier, as a collaborative effort with the community. We have built in feedback forms and a rating system on every server guide to help expedite the process of finding and removing errors. If the community sends us any feedback on an article, we’ll actually review it and make adjustments. This way, we can promise constantly updated and reviewed guides.

Contribute Game Server Knowledge

If you’d like to contribute an article of your own, we’re more than welcome to accept it! Better yet, we provide any contributors with full credit, situated next to every contribution.

To get started, register your game server company on GameServer.io.

Find a Game Server Provider

For those looking to purchase game servers, we have set up a database where you are able to search through hosts based on things such as what games they provide, where they provide hosting, and slot price.

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