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Founded in June of 2015, we have strived to provide an exclusive hosting experience for the Arma Community by hosting our servers on the best hardware and network, specifically chosen for the best performance when running Arma.

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by Brandon Riggenti on Arma Hosts

Great service. Quick ticket turnarounds. Very reasonable pricing. They helped me set up my hosted server from scratch. I knew very little to start and am now much more comfortable and capable after their help.

by Jake Wisner on Arma Hosts

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to use ArmaHosts or not, what would you say to them?

YES, Armahosts is a great company to work with.

What were the two most significant differences that stood out to you about ArmaHosts' services?

This company is dedicated to only support Arma servers, with this scope of operations Armahosts is able to be the most effective host as they only focus on hosting Arma servers.

What's one experience with ArmaHosts that stood out to you the most?

Through my constant questions and harassment, customer support was very helpful even though I am a low tier customer.

by Tenbears Running on Arma Hosts

Armahost Game servers. We have been with Armahost for several months now, and the experience of staff and the service provided when I had questions, has been exemplary. Prompt replies each time and just an overall, a genuine desire to help in any way. I highly recommend

by Allen Morgan on Arma Hosts

I want to thank you for your outstanding customer support in setting up a game server for my kids.

I know very little about how to do this, but when I saw the toxicity and un-sportsmanship of the majority of the online community, I knew I had to do something.

My boys love to play army games with their friends and Arma 3 is one of them.

I did a little research and found your service was new, but I had read some of your forum entries and thought you spoke well about what you wanted to provide and the cost was very fair.

After renting the server, I told my kids that they could play there. Of course it was just a barebones server and I was told that we need things like exile, missions, traders and the like.

Well this was a lot harder than i expected. I sent in a ticket with questions regarding this and you replied quickly. I scoured the internet on how to do this but it was indeed daunting to say the least.

I continued to ask questions through the ticket manager and you graciously answered them and then switched to personal email to make things faster.

30+ emails later, all in one day, my kids have an Arma 3 server with Exile installed. All this without me knowing a thing about how to do it.

Your customer service and patience with me is very appreciated and I thank you again.

AAA marks for your kindness and understanding.
AAA marks for your prices.
AAA marks for your customer support.

10/10 would rent again.

by Sam Tompkins on Arma Hosts

The service we've received at the 1st MEB Realism Unit has been great, though the company is small which clearly leads to a little slower repsonse times, you get a true honest response that actually wants to help you solve your issues when they come up. The server package we have has worked excellently with virtually no down-time whatsoever.

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