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      Business Profile

      Profile claimed July 2017.

      Last updated August 02, 2018

      Games Hosted

      • 7 Days To Die
      • ARK Survival Evolved
      • ARMA 3
      • Avorion
      • Conan Exiles
      • Counter Strike Source
      • Counter Strike Global Offensive
      • Eco
      • Factorio
      • Garrys Mod
      • Killing Floor 2
      • Left 4 Dead
      • Left 4 Dead 2
      • Minecraft
      • Minecraft Pocket Edition
      • Rust
      • Starbound
      • Staxel
      • Team Fortress 2

      About Nodecraft Inc.

      Nodecraft Inc was founded in 2012 by Jonathan Yarbor and James Ross. With a passion for both gaming and technology, they developed the company utilising their knowledge of the industry, and always staying ahead of the technology curve through their innovative and unique visions.

      High performance game servers and dedicated servers are offered in multiple locations across the world, powered by enterprise grade network and hardware. We work closely with you to ensure we're providing the best possible service, and this personalisation of service extends throughout everything we do, including our support channels.