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      Profile claimed July 2017.

      Last updated August 02, 2018

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      It all began in the beginning of June, 2013. I was looking for a place where I could host my Minecraft server, but for some reason all sites that sold these all felt kinda meh. I wanted a professional solution, with a transparent company that knew what they were doing. I jumped from provider to provider, all had some flaw. Too many gameservers on a single node, not enough performance, support that required a "premium" to even use etc. The list goes on and on. So instead of waiting for somebody to atleast attempt to meet my requirements, I figured somebody else was looking for a provider like I was. I took it into my own hands, and after 9 months of planning, contacting datacenters, web design, automation etc. SerenityServers was born. For gamers by gamers may be overused, but in this case it really is by gamers. After 6000+ hours in Garry's mod, and 2000 in CSGO and Minecraft. I know my way around games, and hosting them too. So come on in, what can we do for you?