Terraria server plugins can be the unique that separates your tiny little vanilla Terraria server from a wonderfully crafted unique Terraria gaming experience. Plugins are what make every Terraria server more interesting. The more interesting, the more players you will have on your server. The more players you have, the funner the game is for everyone, the more donations you can get, the more popular your more server becomes – everyone’s happy!

For this example, I will be installing the Fun & Admin Commands 1.26 server plugin.
Before you install a plugin, make sure your server is offline and not running.

How to install plugins on your Terraria server:

  1. Download the plugin. We recommend checking the official resource for tshock plugins on their website.
  2. Move the downloaded plugin folder into the server’s TShock/ServerPlugins folder.
  3. Run the Terraria server
  4. Log into the server
  5. Configure the permissions. Give the groups you want to have the commands the necessary permissions with the /group addperm [group] [permissions] command. For this example, these are the plugin permissions.

That’s it! Be sure to check the plugin page for any plugin compatibility issues or special setup instructions. If your Terraria server has issues after installing a plugin, try removing other plugins – most of the time, problems arise because of compatibility issues between plugins.

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