Sometimes Minecraft encounters a bug and will take a saved world off of the world list, which can be frightening. Don’t fret, because wee will show you how to fix this problem. Your Minecraft world is still there and your progress is safe!

Below are the steps to recover corrupted saved world data in Minecraft:

1. Access Application Data\.minecraft\saves

You should see a folder for each of your saved worlds.

2. Make a copy of the corrupted world folder & all files & folders inside, and rename it however you please.

You can rename the copy of the corrupted Minecraft world folder to whatever you please.

3. Start Minecraft and create a new world, then save and close Minecraft.

It does not matter what the new world is like, you’re just going to take some files from it (the inventory from this world will also be used. If you want your items back put them into your inventory before closing the game).

4. Go back to Application Data\.minecraft\saves

There will be a new folder for the world you just created.

5. Cut the files (but not the folders) from the new saved world folder.

These are the files:

  • level.dat
  • level.dat_old
  • level.dat_mcr (not always there)
  • session.lock

Replace the ones in the copy of the corrupted world save file you made earlier.

6. Restart Minecraft

You will see your newly named world, but with the corrupted world copy as the seed. You should now try opening your world and making sure everything is okay.

You will start in a random location and have to find your way back to your home. Note that, anything you were wearing on your Minecraft player might be gone, along with everything in your inventory.

Set your old world name.

In Minecraft, rename the world back to what the original corrupted world was named so you can go back to things as usual.

Minecraft Worlds List

That is all! Now you have your Minecraft world back, along with the assurance that all of your time and effort was not all for naught. You can now log back into your game, but remember that anything you were wearing, or anything that was in your inventory, will be gone, unless you put it back. You will also be in a random location and have to make your way back to wherever it is you call home in Minecraft.

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