The following console commands are at your disposal to manage your new server while it is up and running:

If you need access to these commands in-game, you can find them by entering “help”.

Command Action
Help Displays a list of commands.
Playing Shows the list of players
Clear Clear the console window.
Exit Shutdown the server and save
Exit -nosave Shutdown the server without saving
Save Save the game world.
Kick <player> Kicks a player from the server.
Ban <player> Bans a player from the server
Password Show password
Password <pass> Change password
Version Print version number
Time Display game time.
Port Print the listening port.
Maxplayers Print the max number of players.
Say <words> Send a message.
Motd Print MOTD
Motd <words> Change MOTD
Dawn Change time to dawn
Noon Change time to noon.
Dusk Change time to dusk
Midnight Change time to midnight.
Settle Settle all water.

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