How to Install a Minecraft Snapshot
by Alex

Almost every week, Mojang (the developers behind Minecraft) release a new snapshot of the game on their website. These snapshots are essentially previews of the new features that are going to be included in future versions of Minecraft. To install a snapshot, all you are going to need is a local installed copy of Minecraft […]

How to Recover Corrupted Saved World Data in Minecraft
by Alex

Sometimes Minecraft encounters a bug and will take a saved world off of the world list, which can be frightening. Don’t fret, because we will show you how to fix this problem. Your Minecraft world is still there and your progress is safe! Below are the steps to recover corrupted saved world data in Minecraft: […]

How Can I Add an Admin to my Minecraft Server?
by Alex

After you’ve set up a Minecraft server, you should add yourself and trusted friends as operators (called OPs) to give them access to access to administrator commands while in-game. Method 1: Add an Admin Using /op username Within the Minecraft server console, type op username, replacing username with the Minecraft username of the player you’d […]

How to Setup a Dedicated Minecraft Server on Windows
by Nicolas

In this guide, you will learn how to setup and configure your own Minecraft server so you can play with others and customize your server with the gameplay and mods of your choosing. Requirements You’ll need the following to install a Minecraft server on a Windows computer. Windows computer (32 or 64 bit) The latest […]