6 Tips for Buying the Best Rust Server
by EUGameHost

Buying the right Rust server is crucial to having a positive online gaming experience – even a little lag can destroy your sense of immersion. If you plan to buy a Rust server, you should read this article to make sure you’re making the right decision. 1. Hardware You will see dramatically better server performance […]

How to Increase FPS in Rust
by Alex

Like with any game, you might run into performance issues, or you simply might want to increase your performance even more, so here we’re going to show you a simple way to increase your FPS in Rust. 1. Find Your Current FPS In order to begin, you must pull up your frame rate on the […]

Top 3 Rust Server Lists
by Alex

Rust has a huge community, and, unfortunately, the built-in server list is not enough for some people. The built-in server list lacks many options such as kits, pve, mods, and more. Now that the game is in the community’s hands, they can mod it to their hearts content. But with if I don’t like default […]

How to Create an Epic Rust Server
by Alex

The most important part of running a Rust server is having users who play on your server, and eventually building a supportive community that comes to your server again and again and recommend it to their friends. This, however, is not easy, as the number of Rust servers is in the high thousands and this […]