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6 Tips for Buying the Best Rust Server

6 Tips for Buying the Best Rust Server

  • EUGameHost
  • July 5, 2017

You will see dramatically better server performance when using server providers that use faster CPUs clocked upwards of 4 GHz. This is because Unity core functions are single threaded, meaning they can only be ran on one core.

Things like AI and other map related objects on the other hand can be ran across multiple cores which is why all good hosting providers should offer the option to to have extra cores for higher population servers, and should only be hosting Rust servers on higher frequency CPU’s.

Rust server hosting is competitive and the likelihood of your server being attacked is very high. For this reason, you should always be hosting with a provider which offers some level of DDoS protection.

Typically, companies that use OVH offer the best DDoS protection since there layer 7 480Gbps DDoS protection is designed to support Rust and has been proven to be one of the best on the market making this a very good option for people running large community but there are many other great alternatives out there.

Cost is one of the key deciding factors when choosing your hosting provider but it is not always a direct determinate of the hosting quality or suitability. There are many well-known brand providers that charge a premium price but offer little for the money in terms of suitability for Rust.

The key is finding a provider that offers what you need within your price range. For example, if you plan on hosting a low population server you do not need to worry about DDoS protection, bandwidth and hardware as much as that of someone running a larger community since the load on your server would be far lower.

The quality and speed of support will always be a key factor in choosing your hosting provider. This is due to the likely hood of issues arising in early access games such as Rust and a fast support team will always ensure you can keep your down time to a minimum.

When running a Rust server you will undoubtedly want the use of Oxide mod at some point. Doing this can become complicated in some cases so it is always advisable to choose a hosting provider that offers support in setting up and configuring your plugins.

One obvious factor in selecting a hosting provider is location. You will typically see better ping when using a provider who is geographically closer to you.

It is often a good idea to pick a location that is central to the people you want to be playing on your server to ensure a decent ping all round. For example a server aimed at people in Western Europe would be best hosted in places such as France, Germany or other central countries.

While being able to research all of these topics is great, there are resources available to help you buy a Rust server quickly and easily. Many other players have bought Rust servers and experienced the pros and cons of each service. By looking at the reviews other players have posted, you can get a general sense of whether a particular host is the right fit for your needs. I cannot overemphasize how much simpler the process becomes once you listen to the testimonials other players just like you have to say about these server hosts.

Reviews written by real customers will give you many insights into the server hosts about things that they might not want you to know!

Hopefully these tips are useful for you in your search for the best Rust server host!

This article was authored by EUGameHost. We strive to provide an exclusive hosting experience for Rust, MineCraft, Ark, Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2 by hosting our servers on the hardware suited best for each game with ultra fast networks and DDoS protection up to 480Gbps to ensure the only the best performance.

Updated: July 5, 2021
Category: Rust

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