How to Add Admins to an ARK Server in 3 Steps

How to Add Admins to an ARK Server in 3 Steps

  • PingPerfect
  • April 17, 2017
  1. Create a .txt file named AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt in the ARKSurvival\ShooterGame\Saved folder.
  2. Add the Steam 64 IDs of the players you wish to add as admins in separate lines
  3. Save the file and restart your server.

To verify if it has worked, log in to your ARK server and type into the command line the following and you should see your name appear on the list: cheat listplayers

Depending on your server hosting provider, you may be able to easily edit the AllowedCheaterSteamIDs file by using your game server control panel (Our panel at PingPerfect supports this!). Be sure to check if you have this access before modifying server files as it may be easier and safer to do so.

Easily find your Steam 64 ID (and others) here:

Make sure to enter Steam 64 IDs (Example: 7656119xxxxxxxxxx) when adding new admins to the AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt file.

After adding them as an admin, a player will no longer need to use the enablecheats <password> command to enable admin access to the server.

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Updated: July 8, 2021

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