How to Increase FPS in Rust

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Like with any game, you might run into performance issues, or you simply might want to increase your performance even more, so here we’re going to show you a simple way to increase your FPS in Rust.
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1. Find Your Current FPS

In order to begin, you must pull up your frame rate on the screen. To do this, simply press F1, and then type

graphs.fps 1

That should make your FPS appear on the bottom left of the screen, so use this to measure the effects of changing your settings.

2. Change F2 Menu Settings

The next step is simple, just press F1 on the keyboard, and it should bring up a menu that looks like this:

Rust F2 Menu Settings

Here, you can click to toggle most of the features off, or turn the sliders to 0, and in doing so you should see performance increases in your FPS rate while playing Rust. Make sure to find a good balance; you don’t want an extremely high FPS if it means ruining your experience by making the game look terrible!

These features consume the most resources, so keep that in mind when toggling them:

  • Motion Blur
  • Anti-Alias
  • Full Reflections
  • Terrain Quality.

Hopefully this will help some of you with any performance issues you may have in Rust. Let us know in the comment section below what worked for you!

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