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How to Avoid Starvation in Rust

How to Avoid Starvation in Rust

  • Alex
  • July 8, 2021

Rust is a survival game – at first thought you may wonder “How hard can survival be?” well let me be the first to tell you: very hard! Rust is one of the few games where I have always felt threatened, you can never let your guard down in Rust; always be cautious! With this we open our first Getting Started guide on avoiding starvation.

First things first, you’ll notice you started with a few basic items, a rock, a few bandages and a torch. The rock is going to be your primary companion – there are many like it, but this one is yours! You will use your rock to gather wood, gather stones (smaller ones that is) and bludgeon unsuspecting wildlife to death. The bandages will heal you and stop bleeding, so use these if you are dying or losing health. Lastly, the torch is, well, a torch! It gets really dark at night, make sure you hold on to your torch to help find your way.

So the first enemy here is going to be hunger. You’ll notice in the bottom right of the corner there will be a small box that has health, food and rads in it.
Rust health bar
The health menu displays a player’s health points, food, and radiation levels

Health is just the standard health bar – if somebody hits you your HP is reduced, if you get to 0 you die. Food is your hunger level – this ranges from 0 to 3,000, the higher the value the better. As you go about your day to day activities your food level will slowly decrease (or quickly depending on what you are doing). Different conditions can make your food level decrease quicker, like cold (if you are out at night without any clothes) or high radiation (discussed below). If your food level reaches 0 your health will begin draining until you die.

But fear not – hunger is something we can combat. To satiate your hunger you’ll just need to find some food. This can be done a number of different ways: 1) find some sort of animal and kill it, then hit it some more until it yields its chicken breasts, 2) kill another player and take their food, 3) kill zombies or loot chest and crates to find food. Generally speaking option 1 is the best and easiest method to get food. For the time being, its safe to ignore your food level for a little while, we need to make some tools!

The first tool you’ll want to make is a stone hatchet. The stone hatchet requires 5 stones and 10 wood to create (stones from rocks, wood from trees). You should have these supplies at this point, if not go ahead and gather them. You can obtain wood by walking up to a tree (or pile of logs) and hit it with your rock – kind of the same deal with stones, find a big rock and hit it until it disappears. Once you have the supplies press the Tab key to enter your inventory and, if its not already there, click the Crafting button at the top of your screen to see what you can make. Locate the stone hatchet and click the Craft button. After about 20 seconds you’ll find your newly minted stone hatchet in your inventory, throw that bad boy on your toolbar and lets rock!

Now that we have a stone hatchet we can begin to worry about getting some food. You’ll want to locate some wildlife – for starters try to find a hog (pig) or a deer. The deer will be a bit of a challenge to kill but it is doable. If you find a pig just run up to it and keep hitting it with your hatchet – you can run faster than pigs so this shouldn’t be that hard. Once you have killed the pig, hack at its corpse some more to obtain cloth, chicken breast and animal fat.

If you chose the deer path (up for a challenge eh?) you’ll need a bit more strategy. If you crouch you won’t scare the deer (you can crouch by holding the left control button). Sneak up to the deer and hit it as many times as you can. After doing this deer will run and you’ll need to wait for it to stop, then do the crouch -> hit technique again until its dead.

Now that you have some food you’ll need to cook it. You’ll need a campfire to do this, the campfire requires 5 wood. If you don’t have any wood left go ahead and find a tree and whack it until you have enough. Next, return to the crafting menu (Tab -> Crafting) and find the campfire. Select it and hit Craft. You’ll find the campfire in your inventory in a moment or so, drag it to your toolbar and press the corresponding number key to select it and left click to place it in the world.

You can toggle the fire (turn it on) by walking up to it and pressing E and you can add food to be cooked by holding E and clicking the Open menu. Once there you can drag the chicken breasts you have into the Cook boxes, once thats done go ahead and toggle the fire and wait. Cooking takes a little bit of time so just keep checking every now and again, once the food has been cooked go ahead and drag it back into your inventory and right click to consume it.

As a side note, DO NOT eat the raw chicken breast – it will poison you and you will die! It MUST be cooked to be anything more than a poison.

There you have it! You have staved off hunger! Now the next step is to build a camp.

This article was authored by Alex. The proud creator of Hopefully you'll find my guides to be accurate and useful.

Updated: July 8, 2021
Category: Rust

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