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How to Create an Epic Rust Server

How to Create an Epic Rust Server

  • Alex
  • July 6, 2017

This is the most important thing to worry about when running a Rust server. You can have the best admins, coolest plugins, and friendliest players, but if the server is not up and running, nobody will be happy because nobody will be able to enjoy the game.

In order to avoid server downtime or lag, we recommend starting by looking for the best server providers. First of all, you should look for providers that include DDoS protection in their packages, in order to make sure your server won’t get taken down by any malicious hackers. Secondly, you should look for Rust providers that let you schedule restarts of the server every so often, as well as providers that keep their Rust versions up to date so you can always offer the latest version of the game. Finally, you should look for providers that host their Rust servers on top notch hardware, such as servers with solid state drives and dual CPUs.

Now that you’re servers running smoothly and consistently you can focus on the other aspects of keeping players coming back.

As Rust mods begin to come out, players are always looking to join servers that have the latest and best mods. The official Rust forum from Facepunch Studios has the best place to find mods, which you can search through here. Be sure to find the mods that the community likes the most, put them on your servers, and don’t forget to keep them up to date! Players are the first to hear of updates of mods and won’t be happy if you have outdated mods, so stay on top of the mod updates.

We’ll soon be adding a guide on how to install mods to your Rust server, so stay tuned!

Nobody likes a server with unfriendly players or hackers. Worst of all, nobody likes a server that doesn’t have admins who help them deal with those kinds of players. Worst of all, nobody likes a server who’s admins act like those immature, unfriendly players
Remember the Golden Rule: Treat others how you would like to be treated! Be fair to your players, don’t give your friends unfair advantages, and definitely don’t give yourself an unfair advantage!

When asked what makes for a good Rust server, user hairycookies put it well on Reddit when he said:
An admin who investigates complaints of hacking, griefing and general over the top abuse. Someone who listens to the regulars on their server in regards to what settings the server should use.

Like we said before, no one wants to play on a server with hackers. They ruin the fun for everyone, and in a game that takes as much time as Rust does to collect materials and find your safe haven, no one wants to lose all that time to someone who cheated. Your user has chosen to spend his time playing on your server, and as a server administrator, it’s your responsibility to listen to them and make sure nobody cheats to beat their hard work.

Curious what the rest of the Rust community on Reddit thinks makes for the best Rust server? Read the thread here!

This article was authored by Alex. The proud creator of Hopefully you'll find my guides to be accurate and useful.

Updated: July 11, 2021
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