How to Install Mods on an ARMA 3 Server

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In this guide, we will be showing you how to easily customize your ARMA 3 server by adding mods. You can find the latest ARMA 3 mods on sites such as the official BI Studios game forum or

1. Upload the Mods to your ARMA 3 Server Root Folder

After you have downloaded an ARMA 3 mod, simply upload the folder to server’s root directory.

Note: It is commonly recommended that the folder names for ARMA 3 mods should begin with an @ symbol.

2. Add the Mods to your Server Startup Command Line

As we explained in our ARMA 3 server setup guide, your server’s startup command line should look something like this:

"D:\ArmaServers\ClanServer\arma3server.exe" -profiles=ArmaHosts -port=2302 -config=server\server.cfg -world=empty -name=ArmaHosts -noPause -loadMissionToMemory -autoInit -enableHT

Now, just add [email protected]_Folder_Name to your server’s command line. To add multiple mods, separate mod names with a semicolon: [email protected]_Folder_Name;@Mod_Folder_Name_2

Example ARMA 3 Server Startup Command Line with Mods

"D:\ArmaServers\ClanServer\arma3server.exe" -profiles=ArmaHosts -port=2302 -config=server\server.cfg -world=empty -name=ArmaHosts -noPause -loadMissionToMemory -autoInit -enableHT [email protected]_Folder_Name;@Mod_Folder_Name_2

This command line should start an ARMA 3 server with two mods installed.

That’s it – restart your server and the mods should be running!

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