How to Host a Modded Terraria Server with TShock in 3 Steps

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Terraria by itself has a lot of content. A single play through can take over 30 hours to beat. However, Terraria is a game best played with friends. And how does one best play with friends? With servers of course. But what if you’re tired of normal Terraria content and want to expand the gameplay? You get mods. Today you will learn how to setup a modded server, how to add plugins, and how your friends can join.

1. Download TShock

Download the latest release of TShock from their github.

TShock is a server hosting software and API that allows players to have a standard modded server that allows players to easily connect. TShock is sort of the Bukkit or Spigot of Terraria if you’re familiar with Minecraft.

Once downloaded, extract the TShock ZIP file to its own folder. This part is very similar to a vanilla server setup.

2. Run TerrariaServer.exe and create a new world

  1. Type n (this will create a new world), hit Enter
  2. Select World Size, hit Enter
  3. Choose the difficulty, hit Enter
  4. Name the world, hit Enter

The server will now generate a world.

3. Configure the server

  • Type the corresponding number for the world if you have more than one.
  • Set the maximum number of players. 255 is the default, Enter.
  • Set the server port. 7777 is the default, Enter.

You server is now setup.

4. Make Yourself a SuperAdmin

You have to become a SuperAdmin to manage your Terraria server in-game.

  • Join the game.
  • Open the chatbox and enter /auth

If you want to remain a SuperAdmin you can type /user add superadmin. To login as a superadmin simply enter /login next time you join.

This same method can be used to make other players SuperAdmins.

Configuring your New Server

To configure your server, locate your server’s config.json file.

There are a ton of options in here that are pretty self-explanatory. For example you can set the server port, name, max slots, and spawn protection.

There’s also some more advanced stuff you will find, such as auto-saving, MySql, statue spawns, invasions, and ban/kick types. I highly recommend taking a look at the website for a complete wiki.

Adding plugins

Check out our other guide on adding plugins to your Terraria server.

This is just the basic tutorial. Problems with things such as port forwarding? For a full, comprehensive wiki be sure to check out the official TShock wiki.

If you’d like to contribute a more comprehensive guide, please let us know!

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