Setup an Unturned 3.0 Dedicated Server on Windows

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In this guide, you will learn how to successfully setup and customize your own Unturned 3.0 dedicated Server that others will be able to access.

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1. Create a server file

Access your Unturned folder which is located within your SteamLibrary folder.

Right-click the “Unturned.exe” file and click “Create shortcut.” This will become your server file.

Right-click the newly created shortcut and click properties.

You should see a section that says “Shortcut” that contains a “Target:” field that looks something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Unturned.exe

Add this text to the end of that field:

-no graphics -batchmode +secureserver/My_Server_Name

Once you’ve edited your server file’s target line, it should look something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Unturned.exe -no graphics -batchmode +secureserver/My_Server_Name

Note: “My_Server_Name” should be replaced with your desired server name.

Run the new server file and an empty black console screen should popup.

2. Configure Server

In the empty console, type “shutdown” and hit enter. This will close the console screen.

Go to your Unturned folder and double-click the “Servers” folder. You will find a folder with your server’s name.

Enter that folder and double-click the “Server” folder. You should see a few files, one named “Commands.”

Sample Command File

Open the Commands file with notepad. Within notepad, you will add the commands you wish to use in order to customize your server.

name Joe's Server
port 27015
mode normal
perspective both
maxplayers 10
welcome Greetings!
map pei

Setup Commands

Name: The server's name.
Port: The server's port. Default server port is 27015. (The server port of choosing must be port forwarded on your router or else others will not be able to connect.)
Mode: The difficulty mode. (Easy, Normal, Hard, Gold)
Pve: The server will only allow Players Vs Environment combat.
Pve: The server will only allow Players Vs Player combat.
Perspective: Sets the perspective views. (First, Third, Vehicle, Both.) First only permits a first-person view, third only permits a third-person view, Vehicle permits a third-person view only when the player enters a vehicle, and both allows switching from first and third-person views.
MaxPlayers: The max amount of players that can enter the server.
Map: Sets the map that will be played on the server.
Password: Sets a password for the server in order to limit entry.
Welcome: The display message that players will see when entering the server.
Chatrate: Sets the minimum amount of time players must wait in between chat messages that they send.
Bind: Bind your internal IP to the socket. (Network adapter IP of your adapter)
Cycle: The time it takes for a night/day cycle to end in seconds.
Decay: Sets the time that a player can be offline before his/her structures can be altered. 604800 is 7 days.
Loadout: Assign what players enter the game with.
Owner: Assign the server's owner. (Requires Steam 64 ID)
Timeout: Sets the max ping users are allowed before they are disconnected.
Log: Permissions for chat/join&leave/death/anticheat messages. (Y=Enables/N=Disables) (Ex: Log Y/N/Y/Y)
Sync: Syncs player data between servers using the same key.

3. Start Your Server and Connect

Now that you’ve customized your server you should run your Unturned server file and startup Unturned.

Within Unturned, click Play and then click Connect.

The IP field should be set as “localhost” if you are running the server from your home computer (same local area network as the computer playing Unturned). For others to join your server, they should enter your external IP address. To identify your IP address click here.

Once you’ve set your IP, click Connect and you should join your Unturned server.

Congratulations! You now have set up your very own Unturned 3.0 server that others can join (as long as your computer is on and running the server file). If you run into any problems or have questions, leave a comment below the article.

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