HostSlayer LLC Acquired by HostSlim B.V.

HostSlayer has just announced today that earlier this month they were acquired by HostSlim B.V.. This announcement means that HostSlim will now be offering game server hosting, however the HostSlayer brand will still exist as a separate brand.

Along with the announcement, they have released coupon for a free first month on all their services: firstmonth

Official announcement below:

On February 1st 2018, HostSlim B.V. has acquired HostSlayer LLC. Now there’s a dedicated team of experienced people ready to support you with any questions, issues or product requests you have. We will not merge the two companies together, so HostSlayer will be its own brand and all services will remain active for you. We stand for top notch quality service and you will notice that right away.

Congratulations and good luck to the HostSlim and HostSlayer teams!