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Nitrous Networks

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Profile claimed March 2017

Last updated August 02, 2018

Welcome to Nitrous Networks, the home of dedicated, high performance game servers for Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Rust, Hurtworld, CS:GO Team Fortress 2, Terraria, Conan Exiles, ARK:Survival Evolved, Starmade, Blackwake and more!

Our game servers utilize the latest and fastest SSD technology available. All game servers are protected from a range of DDoS attacks via global filtering PoPs. Your game server will be setup in seconds after payment, truly rapid.

Our network consists of the highest quality network hardware and T1 providers ensuring the lowest possible latency, and an overal stable connection.

We don't have any type of contracts, pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually and always have the option to cancel whenever you want! No risk whatsoever.

Our Minecraft servers run on our fully custom panel, NiTROPanel, built around making your lives easier. All other games use the industry leading TCAdmin control panel.

Be assured that your server will remain online and lag free during even the largest of DDoS attacks, below are just a few of our worldwide packet scrubbing points, that make sure only player traffic gets to your server, 24 hours a day.

London: Telehouse / Level3
Frankfurt: Equinix FR5 / Interxion/NewTelco
Bucharest: Voxility IRD / NXData-1 / NXData-2
Washington: Equinix DC2
Miami: Terremark, "NAP of the Americas"
Los Angeles: Equinix LA1

Games Hosted

  • ARK Survival Evolved
  • ARMA 3
  • Before
  • Blackwake
  • Call of Duty Blackops III UNRANKED
  • Citadel Forged With Fire
  • Counter Strike Source
  • Dark and Light
  • Day of Infamy
  • Empyrion
  • Factorio
  • Garrys Mod
  • Hellion
  • Hurtworld
  • Insurgency Standalone
  • Killing Floor 2
  • King Arthurs Gold
  • Medieval Engineers
  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • Mordhau
  • Planet Nomads
  • Rust
  • Skywanderers
  • Space Engineers
  • Squad
  • StarMade
  • Starbound
  • The Forest
  • Tower Unite
  • Unturned

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