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Profile claimed April 2017

Last updated December 07, 2018

Welcome to ServerMiner! With years of experience and passion, we have developed a revolutionary platform to manage your Minecraft Server. Built from the ground up, you can manage every aspect of your Minecraft Server, including player statistics, remote backups, instant game version installations and much much more. Either if you are just starting out or you are a Minecraft server admin wizard, our platform allows you to turn your ideas into reality.

It's super easy to get started! As soon as you order your server, our automatic system will auto-magically create your server. There is no port forwarding, no configuration, you literally sit back and instantly receive your Minecraft server. You can literally get started and be the proud owner of a ServerMiner hosted Minecraft Server in the next 5 minutes.

Your Minecraft server will be powered by some of the most powerful hardware which is currently available. This includes Intel Xeon processors and a series of SSDs in RAID.

We have multiple hosting locations to reduce latency, including France, Germany, Los Angeles, Florida, Utah and Germany. This means you can bring your server closer to your players to reduce latency lag.

If you ever get stuck, we are here to help. We have a massive range of support articles on YouTube and on our website. If you would rather talk to us directly, you can also reach us via LiveChat or support Tickets.

We set the standards which others can only imitate. We hope you make the right choice and come to ServerMiner!

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